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Looking for Chiropractic Services in the Pleasantville, NY Area?

Chiropractic and Wellness

153 Broadway #2

Hawthorne, NY 10532

If you live in Pleasantville, NY, you are no stranger to hard work. Known for its close proximity to New York City and its easygoing charm, Pleasantville has always had a reputation as a hub of literary culture. The town is home to many writers, editors, and novelists, who find inspiration in Pleasantville’s peaceful quality of life but enjoy the easy proximity to New York.

physical therapy - Chiropractic & Wellness

Spending extensive time writing, editing, and conducting research tends to cause pain and stiffness throughout our bodies. Regular exercise and stretching can help mitigate these symptoms, but if your problems persist you will need professional assistance. Likewise, even if you are not a writer, the trials of everyday life can leave anyone sore. For example, those who do manual labor or sports are also prone to having pain from misaligned body parts, stiff joints, and tired muscles. No one is exempt from pain, but for those in Pleasantville, NY, dependable general chiropractors and sports chiropractors are just a short drive away.


Located only five minutes from Pleasantville, Chiropractic and Wellness offers treatment options for headaches, neck pain, shoulder and back problems, hand or wrist pain, TMJ and other conditions. Our services are highly-regarded by our clients throughout the area. Between our sports chiropractors and general chiropractors, we can help reduce your pain, strengthen your body, and get you back to doing what you love. Our general and sports chiropractors are familiar with all the inner workings of a body and can determine exactly what your body needs to feel stronger and healthier.

How to Reach Our Office from Pleasantville:

If you are traveling to Chiropractic and Wellness from Pleasantville:

  • Travel north on Marble Ave until you reach Bedford Rd

  • Turn left onto Bedford Rd

  • Turn left onto the ramp towards Elmsford/White Plains

  • Merge onto NY-100/NY-141 ramp to Sprain Brook Pkwy/Bronx River Pkwy/Hawthorne/White Plains

  • Continue on NY-141 N until you arrive at our office on the left.

Contact Our General & Sports Chiropractors for Back Pain Treatment!

You shouldn’t have to suffer from chronic pain. At Chiropractic and Wellness, we provide various chiropractic services to help reduce pain and improve quality of life. Whether you have knee, facial, shoulder, neck, or back pain, our general and sports chiropractors will help you identify the cause of your pain and begin a targeted treatment program to help you feel some relief. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with our general chiropractors or sports chiropractors and start your journey toward a better quality of life! We welcome residents living in Pleasantville, NY and beyond.

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