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Common Injuries That Sports Chiropractors Treat

No matter the sport, injuries are common and can happen frequently, from sprained ankles to torn muscles. A sports chiropractor has dedicated their time to understanding the human body in the context of sports activities paired with the same training as other chiropractors. This specialized training allows them to perform techniques are that designed for sports injuries and conditions that result from playing sports. Common injuries and conditions that sports chiropractors can treat include:

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Aches and pain in the neck and shoulders are common in those who lift weights or play sports with high bodily contact, such as football, hockey, rugby, and wrestling. The strain on the body from sports like this can lead to not only sore muscles but can lead to fractured or broken bones in those regions. A sports chiropractor performs a variety of techniques that relieve pain and can ease or reset the neck and shoulders to recover more quickly.

Muscle Pulls

Pulling a muscle is common for any athlete, as you use and rely on the same muscles every time you play. This type of injury is common for runners, tennis players, and gymnasts, but you can also pull a muscle while golfing or rowing. Chiropractic services focus on mobility and helping to ease pain and discomfort through stretches, massage techniques, and more.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain and back-related injuries are common for football players, divers, weight lifters, and gymnasts, as these activities place tension due to impact whether from colliding with other players, sudden submersion into water, or strain from lifting additional weight. Since lower back pain is a common chronic condition for long-term athletes, chiropractic services help to ease the pain using non-invasive methods.

Contact Us for Chiropractic Services

Our sports chiropractor provides back pain treatments and more throughout Chappaqua, Pleasantville, and Ossining, NY. Chiropractic and Wellness are here to help you through sports-related injuries and your recovery. For more information about the injuries we can provide treatment for, contact our team today!

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