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Why Chiropractic Services are a Good Choice for Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Services for Back Pain Treatment

According to studies from Georgetown University, 8% of all adults in the United States experience chronic back pain. That means about 16 million people suffer from chronic back pain daily. Back pain can make life much more difficult for people who experience it, even in mild forms. It can limit your ability to do everyday tasks like carrying groceries, cleaning, and even bathing yourself. There are many treatment options to relieve your back pain including surgery and chiropractic services. The reasons to consider chiropractic services to treat your back pain include:

  • Non-Invasive: Surgery is an invasive procedure for treating back pain. It should also be a last resort. Chiropractic care should be the first step to relieving pain. It often can relieve the cause of your pain without the need for surgery.

  • Improves Posture: Your posture is often a contributing factor to your back pain. Chiropractic adjustments can increase your range of motion and improve your posture. This will alleviate the pain you experience caused by poor posture.

  • Increases Range of Motion: Joints can become stiff and be unable to move in the same ways as they were able to before. A chiropractor will show you some simple exercises to increase joint flexibility. They will also provide services such as adjustments that increase your range of motion.

  • Reduces Symptoms of Chronic Conditions: Chiropractic services are a proven method of treating symptoms such as migraines and muscle aches. It does so without the dependence on opioids as well.

Contact Us Today for Chiropractic Care!

Chiropractic and Wellness is a chiropractor’s office serving the Chappaqua, NY area. We offer chiropractic services such as adjustments, spinal decompression, and physical therapy. These are all types of methods that can be used to treat back pain by targeting the underlying cause of the pain. Chiropractic care relieves and manages back pain without the use of addictive opioids and is non-invasive. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic services for back pain!

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